Muhammad Yaseen, Karach


One thing I don’t like in about our society is the ignorance towards mental health. We hardly focus on it while we keep talking about physical health which actually depends on mental health. Sometimes parents don’t even have the slightest of idea that their child is going through depression or is having anxiety issues. We have become so materialistic that we will notice which brand a person is wearing but won’t even notice how are they feeling. Most of the time when a person is facing depression, they stop going out, start cancelling plans and none of the friends even bother checking up what’s wrong with their friend. In Pakistan, there’s no concept of mental health, a person is called psycho or crazy if they even try to talk about their mental health issues. Going to a therapist means going mad.

There are so many solutions of this problem and the most important one is to educate children in schools on mental health. There should be a class dedicated to mental health where experts teach children how to stay healthy mentally. Moreover I believe, public figures who have faced mental illness and overcome it, should use their platform to educate people about mental health. We should give people a safe space to talk about their issues, we should support them and let them know that they’re not alone. There should be 24 hours available helplines for suicidal people where they can call instantly if they need help. There’s so much we can do about this issue. The most important solution is educating the society about this issue…


Health for All

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